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This Mala bracelet has been mindfully co-designed by Kristy Wolfe and Annie Hunting with Warrior Mamas in mind. Kristy Wolfe is a Medical Mama and lifestyle photographer who specializes in helping medical families document their story through the art of photography.


$15 from the sale of each bracelet goes toward helping families document their medical journey!


Kristy shares her personal journey here. (click link)


And you can learn how to Tell Your Story here!


Kristy approached Annie with this collaboration, wanting to offer Mamas of children with great medical needs a piece of jewelry that would offer them just a little peace of mind. 


Your Warrior Mama Mala bracelet contains:
Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love and Compassion. It will activate the Heart Chakra, allowing more love and compassion to flow; to yourself and those around you. Two stones have been used to represent both Mama and Child.
Hematite dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. Hematite offers strength;enhancing reliability and confidence.
Garnet inspires love and devotion. It activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope.
Moonstone is known as the Mother’s Stone. Its energy is nurturing and healing, assisting in the mastering of emotions by bringing them under the control of the Higher Self.


*this item is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery*

**item may look slightly different than pictured as adjustments are made for sizing purposes**

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