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A type of Nymph, the Dryad reigns in the forest. They are nature goddesses and are said to be found in all the places that trees grow, water runs, wind bows, animals flourish, and mountains soar.

Like most nymphs, the dryads are beautiful young women who inspire great love among mortals and gods alike. They are graceful, but occasionally a bit wild. They love to dance. They have a particularly close bond to Gaia; Mother Earth. 


This Micro Mala contains 108 Sandalwood beads, faceted Hematite spacers and a Tiger's Eye point pendant. This necklace will have you feeling Divinely connected to Mother Earth while also providing a dainty piece to layer in with other Malas and to have on hand for your Mantra practice.  


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**Items are made to order and can take 1-3 weeks for delivery**

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