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If you were given the Power of Abundance what would that look like to you?

Would that mean abundance of money and financial wealth or would it be abundance of health, relationships, partnership, dreams, travel..... the list could go on.

With this choker, amulet necklace and Mala this set is here to open your mind to all of these things. This set is to help you take your power back for you to unleash Your Power of Abundance.

Pyrite - is a stone for strength. This stone helps to keep you stable and free from shackles of control. Pyrite is said to inspire creativity, encourage strength, leadership and helps you to step into your own potential. Pyrite is said to bring abundance and protection.

Citrine - a stone of prosperity, big energy, and joy. Citrine is a stone of wealth for your mind body and soul. Citrine is unable to hold bad energy meaning that you can count on it to bring good energy and uplift moods. This is a great stone to remind you that you can get your grip back at anytime and crack open your mind to new possibilities.

Onyx - The mega protector. The master of good fortune. Black onyx acts as a force field of protection around the wearer. This stone is one of the best stones for grounding your mind, body and soul.  Onyx is also a stone to help get your nervous system in check, boost your immune system and raise stamina.

Please Note: All items are made to order. Kindly allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. If you require a rush order, please contact us directly, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Additionally, be aware that spacers and pendants are subject to change based on current stock availability. Thank you for your understanding.

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