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Your Ritual Kit contains:

A schedule of the new and full moons in 2022, a cauldron mug, a moon phase crystal gridding plate, a complete set of stones for placing on your crystal grid, a notebook for documenting your journey, a moonstone crystal with tea bag for creating crystal infusions, and instructions on crystal gridding and using your ritual kit.

Tips for using your Moon Phases Ritual Kit:

During a new moon, one is inviting new beginnings, welcoming new challenges, setting goals and requesting one’s desires. This is an optimum time to set intentions and focus on how you want to manifest these intentions during the coming month.

A full moon is the time to let things go. Release energy that isn’t serving you, whether it may be in the form of worry, fear, undesired behaviours or habits, or toxic people.

Set your grid, using the instructions enclosed. It is a great idea to create this grid under the influence of a New Moon or a Full Moon.

Use your journal to document your journey, communing with the moon cycle (a 2022 schedule is enclosed).Write down your goals with the new moon and your reflections with the full moon. You may also use this journal to track your physical moon cycle, becoming more in tune with your body’s cycles and how they influence you on the daily. 

Use your cauldron mug to create moon water, setting it out, aligned with the new or full moon, infused with the essence of Moonstone (tea bag enclosed for safety, to prevent swallowing your stone). Set your intentions into the infused water as you set it out to commune with the moon and drink it the following day, reflecting on these intentions. You may also use your cauldron mug for a burning ritual during the full moon. Write down the things you wish to release and burn them, using the mug as a vessel. It also makes a great vessel for other herbal infusions!

Set your crystal grid up at the time of a new or full moon, using the instructions enclosed. To commune with your grid more regularly, use the Moonstone to track the phases of the moon, moving it to the corresponding phase as it waxes and wanes. The stones in this grid were chosen to heighten intuition and clarity and to create a desire for reflection and growth. 

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