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Living in alignment with the Moon is a transformational practice. Setting aside time to connect to the Moon's energy, to set intentions with the New Moon and to reflect and adjust with the Full Moon can be a powerful ritual. This Mala is perfect for pairing with those Moon rituals. This lovingly handknotted 108 bead Mala is made with 6mm beads in Opalite, Aquamarine and Howlite and is adorned with a serene matte Agate Moon pendant.Howlite is a stone of Awareness. It assists in letting go of old traumas, allowing one to live more fully in the present. Opalite is the stone of Eternity, bringing forth the understanding of the true-self. Aquamarine is a powerful stone in assisting self-healing. It lends courage and clarity to express one's inner knowing.Agate serves to transform negative energies and emotions. Together, these stones offer a safe, nurturing, sacred space in which to conduct your Moon rituals.**this item is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Contact me directly if a rush order is required.*

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