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Manifest with more mindfulness and intention, harnessing the power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry using this Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid Plate. 

*Please note, crystals are not included

Add a Personalized Crystal Grid Prescription to get a set of crystal gridding stones chosen to support your own unique journey!

What is Sacred Geometry?

It is believed that these patterns run through the natural world, created from ratios that are essential to the existence of life, and because of this, they are deemed to be created by God, the Great Spirit, the Universal LIfe Force, the Tao, or whatever name you choose to use. Sacred Geometry runs through all belief systems.

People who work with energy have noted that when these ratios are expressed in art, they produce a noticeable and consistent energy pattern. When you create your crystal grid on such a pattern, you are using the natural energy of the mathematical ratios to enhance the energies of the crystals and magnify the Crystal Grid’s power.

What is a Crystal Grid?

The arrangement of crystals in a grid, created with focus and intent, enhances the flow of energy in your life. It is a way of amplifying your intention by positioning crystals in an empowering sacred geometric pattern and it is usually created with a specific outcome in mind, such as healing an injury or loss, or finding love or financial success.

How do I create my Crystal Grid?

Begin by setting your intention for the grid. Are you wanting to attract abundance? Love? Peace? Courage?

Then, consciously choose your stones for the grid. You may do this intuitively, or by researching stones that will support your intention and using what you have from your findings.  

Often, all the component crystals are arranged so as to focus their energy into the central “Focal Stone”. If your Focal Stone has a termination point, it should face up to the sky.

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