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Your Manifestation Ritual Kit Contains:

  • A Cauldron Mug (optional)
  • A Metatron's Cube crystal gridding plate
  • A full set of crystals to complete your manifestation crystal grid 
  • A pen containing gemstone chips and a paper to write your manifestations on
  • An activator crystal
  • A stick of Palo Santo
  • Instructions on crystal gridding and using your ritual kit

Using your Manifestation Ritual Kit

  • First, consider what you want to manifest. Wealth? Love? A new job? More joy? The sky is the limit, but it is ideal to focus on a few things at a time. 

  • Using your gemstone filled pen, write your desired manifestations on your paper. Use present tense language and pair them with gratitude. For example, “I am so grateful to have received $10,000 this month.”

  • Place your crystal gridding plate over your manifestation list.

  • Set your crystal grid. Infuse it with these intentions. See more information on crystal gridding on the next insert. A YouTube tutorial may be found at

  • Smudge your grid using the enclosed Palo Santo and activate it using the small quartz point enclosed.

  • Make yourself a tea or elixir for your cauldron mug and recite your desires into the liquid before consuming, again using present tense and gratitude. Repeat daily.

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