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I love this concept, as within a relationship, there is this accordion action - we part ways within our day, to work, to play, to the things that identify us as ourselves - and then come together with our partner, our lover, our spouse, our beloved, to connect. The magnet serves a reminder when apart, of this beautiful entity you are blessed to have in your life. And when the reunion occurs, it serves as a message of connection and love.


Available options are:

Matte Onyx for grounding and protection and Rose Quartz for unconditional love. 

Green Moss Agate for activating the Heart Chakra and manifesting abundance and Matte Onyx for grounding and protection.

Moonstone for nurturnig Yin energy and Tiger's Eye for confident Yang energy.


Choose the "custom" option if you would like to use a different bead combination! I will reach out to you to design your pieces!

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