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Enhance the power of the upper Chakras with Blue Goldstone, Opalite, Aquamarine, Labradorite and Clear Quartz. Allow this stack to provide you with more inspiration, heightened intuition and an open channel to the Divine. I turn to these stones when I am seeking clarity, insight and deepening my connection to Source.


Your Divine Mind bracelet stack includes:

-an 8mm bead Opalite bracelet. Opalite, the ‘Stone of Eternity’, brings forth the understanding of true-self. It aids in knowing that one can reach unimaginable goals and understand the whole of who we are and why we are. Opalite is believed to  enhance psychic abilities.

-a 6mm bead Blue Goldstone bracelet. Blue Goldstone connects one with the Divine and provides one with wisdom, energy and courage. Assisting with learning and communication, it teaches one to see the light at the end of the darkness and that everything is the source of energy and vibration. Blue Goldstone is one of the best stones for Empaths.

-a 4mm bead Moonstone, Clear Quartz and Labradorite bracelet which will open the Third Eye wide, enhancing intuition and offering clarity and insight.

-a 4mm bead Opalite, Aquamarine and Blue Goldstone bracelet to offer inspiration and Divine connection


These Mix and Match bracelets can be purchased individually as well! Save when choosing the whole stack!

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