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The process of crystal gridding allows one to refine the energy they are manifesting through their work with stones. For example, Rose Quartz is the stone of LOVE, but love can be applied in so many ways; love for a partner, self-love, love for a child, love for a pet, love for a purse... By combining Rose Quartz with Red Tiger's Eye for passion, Carnelian for sexual energy, Lapis Lazuli for harmonious communication, and Moss Agate to activate the Heart Chakra, one can create an energy specific to their romantic relationship.

Creating a crystal grid binds the energy of your stones into a collective purpose. The energy merges and shifts into a more specific flavor, speeding up the manifestation process.

Your Custom Crystal Grid Prescription will include a consultation via text or Zoom to determine what energies you are wanting to create, a selection of 19-25 stones that fit your intentions, a stick of Palo Santo for smudging your grid, and a small crystal point for activating your grid. You will also receive a write up detailing the stones that were selected and their individual properties, instructions on how to set up your grid and a link to a crystal gridding YouTube tutorial.

You may choose to add a 6" or 8" crystal grid plate or have your stones secured in a Shadow Box! If you choose one of these options, selection of the Sacred Geometry design on your grid will be a part of the customization process.  Save 25% on your Crystal Grid plate when ordering with a Custom Prescription!

Please leave your contact information in the notes of your order, so I may connect with you to schedule our consultation. I look forward to co-creating with you!

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