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   One of the simplest vibrational healings you can easily prepare yourself! A Crystal Infusion is an elixir that is attuned to the vibrational signature of a crystal or crystals.

   Crystal Infusions may be created either by placing the crystals directly in the water, or by indirectly infusing the water by having the crystals near the vessel or sealed off within the vessel.

   When creating your Crystal Infusion, intuitively choose the crystal that enchants you the most. Program your crystal with intention. Ensure your crystal is clean if adding it to your elixir. You may infuse your beverage from just a few minutes to overnight.

   Create your Crystal Infusion during a new or full moon for added benefits!


Your Crystal Infusion Kit includes:

   Black Obsidian - encourages release of negative energy; promotes strength to succeed and awareness of potential

   Rose Quartz - invites love and compassion; promotes forgiveness and loving communication

   Amethyst - enhances intuition; improves dream recall; calms anxiety, bringing peace and serenity


   Exercise caution when creating Crystal Infusions. Do not consume the crystals. Tea bags are enclosed to offer protection against swallowing or chipping teeth. Also, some crystals are not safe to add directly to liquid. Many stones will break down, and some contain minerals or radiation that make them unfit for consumption. Do your research before adding any other crystals to your beverage.


   All crystals in this kit may be infused directly in your beverage.

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