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The use of lapis lazuli dates back to ancient times. This beautiful stone has been a favorite of both mystics, as well as royals. Why would lapis lazuli suit both those who have external power, as well as those who focus on its internal counterpart?


Among the many properties of lapis lazuli is the energy of deep calm and a strong connection to cosmic wisdom. A  deep connection that helps one align with a universal quality of truth and integrity. The deep cobalt blue of lapis lazuli has a royal presence, both powerful and mysterious.


Because of its connection to cosmic energies, lapis lazuli is also believed to provide protection and help shield the wearer from negative energies.


The water element color of the stone helps purify lower energies from one's body and align it with higher, healthier vibrations. The energy of lapis lazuli can also help a person become more aware of, and consequently easily access and express his or her truth. Communication and harmony in relationships will both improve under its influence.


Lapis lazuli activates a life of more intelligence, success, and an unshakable inner balance and power that is rooted in ancient connections.


Anklets are adjustable. 


*this piece is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. If a rush order is required, please contact me directly.*

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