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Experience spiritual refinement with our Celestial Harmony Mala, meticulously curated to embody the symbiosis of Lapis Lazuli and Quartz. This distinguished mala features 108 6mm beads, artfully selected to harmonize the profound wisdom of Lapis Lazuli and the clarifying essence of Quartz.

Lapis Lazuli, renowned for its capacity to inspire wisdom and authenticity, synergizes with Quartz, renowned for its clarity and amplification properties. Together, they form a dynamic duo, fostering inner harmony and enlightened clarity.

Each bead is meticulously strung to ensure a seamless fusion of these complementary energies, facilitating a profound spiritual journey. Whether utilized for meditation, prayer, or as a refined accessory, this mala emanates timeless elegance and profound spiritual significance.

Please Note: All items are made to order. Kindly allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. If you require a rush order, please contact us directly, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Additionally, be aware that spacers and pendants are subject to change based on current stock availability. Thank you for your understanding.


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