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The Freyja Collection


I dug into my Nordic roots in creating this powerful, fierce, uplifting collection.


One of the principal deities of the Norse pantheon, the lovely and enchanting Freya was a goddess of blessings, love, lust, and fertility. A member of the Vanir tribe of deities, Freya shared her people’s penchant for the magical arts of divination. It was Freya who introduced the gods to seidr, a form of magic that allowed practitioners to know and change the future. Freya achieved her ends with the gentle persuasions of gifts, beauty, and sex. While Freya was often unselfish and helpful, she did have a darker side. Like the male gods, Freya had a taste for blood and fought fiercely in battle. Given her expertise in controlling and manipulating the desires, health, and prosperity of others, she’s a being whose knowledge and power are almost without equal.


The Freyja Amulet Necklace combines Garnet and Crazy Lace Agate with a stunning brass amulet pendant. It is done on a strong jewelry wire and features a lobster claw clasp.


Garnet is a stone of regeneration and revitalization. It is said to be stabilizing in that it can bring order to chaos, whether internal or external. Garnet is a PROTECTIVE energy stone, which is especially known for protection from evil, during travel, nightmares and from wounds. 


Crazy lace agate is commonly referred to as the laughter stone. It's a balancing and protecting stone, believed to ward off the "evil eye," bringing joy and absorbing emotional pain. Crazy lace agate helps to increase one's energy and encourage concentration so that one can stay on task and complete goals much easier. 

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