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Beginning with a Mala and bracelet wrap combo, featuring Blue Kyanite, Labradorite, Amazonite, Howlite and Quartz crystals. The Mala Guru is a vial for holding your favorite essential oil, perfume or sacred water. *I do have some water gathered from the Sacremento Headwaters beneath Mount Shasta for anyone who would like that included!*


Blue Kyanite is known as the Stone of Alignment, immediately aligning all the Chakras and subtle bodies. It also assists in cutting emotional ties and false beliefs, providing clarity and allowing one to learn lessons and move forward, ending toxic cycles. 

Labradorite is the Stone of Serendipity and Magic, encouraging one to trust one’s own judgement and wisdom. It also provides a shield against unwanted negative energies. 

Amazonite is the Stone of Courage and Truth, allowing one to express one’s desires and set intentions with confidence. It inspires the courage often needed when taking on new endeavors and enlivens one’s natural talents. 

Howlite is a soothing stone, reducing anxiety and stress and decluttering the mind. Howlite will also assist in releasing old pain that may be preventing one from living in the present. 

Quartz is an Amplifier and will amplify the energy of the stones around it as well as any intentions it is programmed with. 


This combination is a powerful prescription for anyone wanting to shed the pains of the past, acknowledge the lessons, and move forward with courage, vision and connection!


*this item may look slightly different than pictured, as adjustments are made for sizing purposes*


**this item is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Please contact me if you require a rush order.**


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