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I consider myself so blessed to be working with the energy of crystals each day. You will generally find at least one or two in my pocket, in my bra, or keeping me company in my workspace. I'm so grateful to have a plethora to choose from to suit each mood, circumstance or moment. I use them to ground myself, to gain clarity, to relax or to find more joy! I think we could all use a little more joy this holiday season! So I am sharing my collection with you. Add a daily dose of crystal energy to your routine for December with this Crystal Advent Calendar! You will be counting down the days to Christmas with a new gemstone each day. Each stocking contains a crystal (or a few!) with a brief description of the stone and it's energetic qualities. This is a great way to start a collection or to add to your own!

Tack on a crystal grid for Christmas Day! You will have a fresh collection of stones to create with!

**Advent Calendars will be mailed out in time for December 1st!**

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